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Welcome to Bikur Cholim of Hollywood

Bikur Cholim of Hollywood was founded in response to the needs of the ill, infirm and homebound of our community. As the population of our community continues to age, the needs continue to expand. In response to these ever-increasing calls for help. Bikur Cholim has expanded its role and services to better serve the community.

Included in the many acts of chesed that Bikur Cholim performs are:

  • Provide a Kosher Room at Memorial Regional Hospital for patient and family use:
  • Visiting the hospitalized at Memorial Hospital on an almost daily basis:
  • Providing for the religious needs of the hospitalized with electric:
    Shabbat and yahrzeit candles, siddurim, tehillim and tefilin:
  • Providing Glatt Kosher meals for patients and families who have no one here to provide for them:
  • Conducting semi-annual blood drives a year to provide blood in times of need:
  • Providing short term loans of medical devices such as crutches, wheelchairs and walkers …. at no cost:
  • Attending to the needs of hospice patients and families:
  • Visiting local ALF’s and Nursing Homes before Yom Tov and bringing individual and appropriate gifts:
  • Joining with community schools during the year to visit local ALF’s and Nursing Homes, providing entertainment for the occupants while also giving the students the opportunity to fulfill a great mitzvah and chesed:

For these and many more projects volunteers are needed. If you have as little as an hour to spare please volunteer. If you have time to visit the homebound or to make a phone call, please volunteer. We thank you for your past support and look forward to your future active participation.

Medical Equipment Gemach (Loan Closet)

Bikur Cholim of Hollywood Medical Gemach is pleased to provide loans of medical equipment to individuals needing assistance with devices on a short-term basis. If you have any equipment to donate or if you are in need of our Gemach services, please contact us by clicking here.

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Bikur Cholim of Hollywood
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(954) 894-8514